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Japanese Princess finishes Masters degree at University of Leicester

Princess Mako of Akishinois is a member of the Japanese Imperial Family Credit: University of Leicester

A Japanese Princess is celebrating finishing a Masters degree at the University of Leicester.

Princess Mako of Akishinois is a member of the Japanese Imperial Family and the granddaughter of Japan's reigning Emperor.

Princess Mako practising skills related to her Museum Studies MA Credit: University of Leicester

The Princess began studying towards an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies at the university last September, living with other students in the University's halls of residence and undertaking placements at Coventry Museums.

Her dissertation was a study on a series of glass models called Blaschka.

The Princess is the granddaughter of the Emperor of Japan Credit: PA

Her tutors say that she was just like any other student - and that her studies provided an escape from her royal duties.

"The remarkable thing about having her here was that her aim was to be an ordinary student so you would never ever know within the student group that she was different to any other.

"It was just for Mako, it was a year that was away from all the responsibilities that she has."

– Professor Simon Knell

“We have a strong connection to the cultural profession in Japan with many students graduating from our School to take up posts in museums and galleries there and so it felt very natural that Mako should come and follow her interests with us. She has been a pleasure to teach, has worked incredibly hard and should be very proud of her achievements.’’

– Dr Suzanne Macleod, Head of the School of Museum Studies

She is now returning to Japan to await her final results before graduation in January 2016.