Street harassment the focus in women's safety conference in Nottinghamshire

Women are sometimes faced with harassment and catcalls Credit: PA Images

Police experts, psychologists and women's rights campaigners are discussing street harassment and women's safety in Nottinghamshire today.

The 'Safer for Women' summit at Nottingham Trent University will discuss types of misogynist behaviour towards women in public from catcalls and wolf-whistles to violence and sexual assaults.

Organised by the Nottingham Women's Centre and funded by Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, it will hear from women who have been affected by misogynist harassment.

Changing negative behaviour is never easy. Ignoring the problem, however, is not an option. I hope that the summit will help us to raise awareness of the issues and share the best ways of tackling this problem. Women living and working in Nottinghamshire should feel safe, secure and respected and no-one should have to tolerate what is, in reality, abusive behaviour."

Deputy PCC Chris Cutland from the steering group of the event

Speakers include Nottinghamshire's Deputy Chief Constable Sue Fish and Inspector Ricky Twyford from British Transport Police.

It will include presentations from experts including Dr Jacqueline Gray, associate professor in forensic psychology at Middlesex University and Bryony Beynon, co-director of Hollaback London - an international movement to end street harassment - and the Good Night Out campaign.

Harassment, in any form, is unacceptable and in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire we want to lead the way in tackling this type of behavior.”

Commissioner PaddyTipping