Residents claim they got no warning as huge warehouse appears by their back gardens

Residents say their view has been ruined Credit: ITV News Central

Residents are accusing Dudley Council of not consulting them about a plan to build a huge warehouse right next to their back gardens, after the structure appeared suddenly last week.

A planning application for the development in Kingswinford was approved in April, but people who live nearby say they knew nothing about it until last week.

The warehouse is clearly visible from several residents' back gardens Credit: Malcolm Pearson

Malcolm Pearson and Patricia Kettle say they were given no notice about the construction of the warehouse and are concerned at the effect it has on their property's view and value.

Dudley Council say they have consulted residents in the area and had sent out almost fifty letters ahead of the construction.

Malcolm and Patricia look at the warehouse from their balcony Credit: ITV News Central