BLOG: What will Jeremy Corbyn say to the Midlands?

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the party's annual conference in Brighton. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A blog from ITV Central Political Correspondent Alison Mackenzie

Jeremy Corbyn can expect something of a celebrity style welcome when he takes to the stage here in Brighton later for his first Leader's Speech.

It's been that kind of week as the new regime at the top of the party makes its mark.

But can the veteran left winger who went to school in Shropshire reach out beyond the fan base here in the conference hall and offer anything concrete to the Midlands?

We are told the speech will be short on new policies - but strong on style and intent.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn with deputy leader Tom Watson Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

His deputy Tom Watson - the West Bromwich MP told me over coffee that a strong and positive offer to the midlands is a key priority .

He said their's is a party rooted in a wish to create a strong base for manufacturing industries .

He said the new style straight talking Labour party will listen and act on the needs of people struggling in hard times.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn before making a short speech at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

But both men are well aware that to have any real effect the party will have to win power at election time. The prediction has been that following the sharp turn to the left the party could be consigned to years in opposition.

For now they are enjoying the sunshine of Brighton and the honeymoon feel to new beginnings.

Young people from the midlands have been joining the party inspired by Corbyn mania. Can fortunes be turned around? We'll know more when the man himself gets to his feet this afternoon .