Newsagent allowed to sell alcohol after 120-year booze ban

Bournville booze bans ends after 120 years. Credit: BPM Media

A newsagent has been granted permission to sell alcohol in Bournville, close to the estate which has famously enforced a 120-year booze ban in a 'Dry Village'

In an historic move, members of Birmingham City Council’s licensing sub-committee agreed to allow Mary Vale News to sell drink from its premises.

However, the business does lie outside of the boundary of the George Cadbury’s Bournville Estate which was historically established as an alcohol free zone.

Maryvale News in Bournville Credit: BPM Media

Newsagent Kamal Sharma said he was delighted, but Bournville councillor Rob Sealey, who opposed the move, labelled the decision as 'catastrophic.'

The alcohol ban had dated back to the Quaker roots of its founders, the Cadbury family.

Bournville, the 'dry village' has had a booze ban for 120 years. Credit: BPM Media

Lynda Clinton, chairman of the licensing sub-committee, announced the decision, saying there would be two conditions:

  • Mr Sharma will have to put up clear signage telling customers not to drink alcohol outside the premises

  • CCTV will have to be installed at the shops

Adrian Curtis, solicitor, Kamal Sharma, owner of Maryvale News, and resident Michael Hughes Credit: BPM Media

Alcohol will be sold between 10am and 9pm.

Mr Sharma, 38, who has run the shop for the past seven years, said he was delighted at the news.

Fears were expressed that the convenience store would be turned into a full blown off-licence but Mr Sharma said this would not be the case.

More than 400 people had signed a petition in favour of the proposals but there had been 230 objections from residents.

Eight years ago hundreds of campaigners successfully opposed a bid to sell booze at a Tesco Express store in Bournville’s Linden Road.