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The Krays and the Fewtrell's 'Battle of Snow Hill' documented in new book

The Kray brothers were involved in a feud with the Fewtrell's Photo: PA/PA Archive/PA Images

A new book documenting the lives of the infamous Birmingham brothers, the Fewtrell's, has been released and is said to clear up the truth about the 'Battle of Snow Hill' with the Kray brothers.

David Keogh, who is married to Eddie Fewtrell's daughter Abi, wrote 'The Accidental Gangster' in a bid to sift the fact from the fiction over bad blood that freely flowed between the Fewtrell's and Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

It includes recollections from the brothers of whom Eddie, Gordon, Johnny and Roger are still alive, as well as the dark days when the Krays attempted to make Birmingham their territory.

David admits he’s used some poetic licence, changing names and locations and adding drama to produce a Pulp Fiction style, but says the incidents themselves are firmly embedded in fact, gained through interviews and family conversations.

They didn’t want to be gangsters, they didn’t look upon themselves as gangsters.

They just wanted to run clubs and make money.

They wanted to be successful businessmen.

– David Keogh
Actor Tom Hardy portrayed the Kray brothers in the film 'Legend' Credit: Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

David insists that it is thanks to the Fewtrell brothers that Birmingham did not endure the Krays’ brutal reign.

The final confrontation, 'The Battle of Snow Hill' has been documented in the book described as a "blood-spattered brawl involving the hardest men spat out of London’s East End and the Second City’s tough Aston district".

Don Fewtrell, said back in 1993 that "all sorts of things have been said about the Fewtrells, but we have given a lot of people a lot of pleasure and we changed the face of Birmingham - and saved it from the Krays".