Mum awaits answer to daughter's missing plait

The two year old returned from the nursery with her plait missing. Credit: BPM Media

A Birmingham mum has demanded answers after her two year old daughter returned from nursery with one of the corn row plaits in her hair cleanly removed.

She returned home with the lock in an envelope. Neither Erdington’s Little Ripley Nursery nor mum Shantal Wallen can explain how two-year-old Malaya came to lose the long braid

Shantal, a healthcare assistant at Edgbaston’s QE Hospital, was called to the nursery on 17 August and informed that her daughter had lost one of the 12 rows from her head.

The plait had been cleanly removed from the little girl’s scalp. Not even stubble remained.

The plait had been placed in an envelope. Credit: BPM Media

Shantal and partner Jahzeel Davis have contacted education watchdogs Ofsted and had a face-to-face meeting with nursery bosses.

Shantal has demanded answers after the plait was cleanly removed. Credit: BPM Media

Soon after the strange incident, Shantal removed the child, who had been at Little Ripley since she was nine months old, from the nursery.