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Man parked in lay-by fined £100 for speeding

Dave Copeland's car was parked in a lay-by when he was hit with a £100 speeding fine Credit: PA

A driver wrongly hit with a £100 speeding fine despite his car being parked in a lay-by has been told human error led to the blunder.

Dave Copeland was inside a Chinese takeaway in Telford waiting for his order when a passing motorbike triggered a speed camera.

An investigation by the West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership found that Mr Copeland's vehicle was captured in the same photograph as the offending bike, which was doing 35mph in a 30mph zone.

A safer roads partnership spokeswoman said:

When the speed camera was triggered on this occasion, there were two vehicles in the picture taken by the camera.

Due to human error, the wrong vehicle registration was processed and the ticket was therefore sent out to the wrong motorist.

Errors like this are extremely rare and - as this person found out - are corrected as soon as we are made aware of them.

– spokeswoman, safer roads partnership

Mr Copeland contacted the partnership to complain after being informed of the supposed offence on October 30.

The 35-year-old electrician was then assured that the speed camera picture showed his car in a lay-by.

I knew something had to be wrong.

Apparently in the picture you can clearly see a motorbike on the road.

– Dave Copeland