Pet owner devastated after council incinerate cat's body before she could collect it

Andrea was distraught when she heared her cat's body had been incinerated Credit: BPM Media

A woman whose cat was killed by a dog is distraught after discovering the city council incinerated the animal before she had a chance to collect its body.

Coventry City Council is expected to give five days’ grace before incinerating an animal which has been reported dead and collected by council staff.

But Andrea Davies from Tile Hill says her 18-year-old cat Barb was incinerated the day after she was reported dead, leaving her owner no opportunity to say goodbye.

Barb’s body had been found by a neighbour on November 4. Not realising it was Andrea’s cat, she contacted the council who collected the body.

Coventry City Council has admitted to the mistake and apologised to Andrea.

Andrea says she hopes the Council will tighten up procedures surrounding the discovery of dead animals so that in future other pet-owners will not go through the same experience.

Andrea never got a chance to say goodbye. Credit: BPM Media