The decision to bomb terrorist targets in Syria has divided the country - and it's split opinion among West Midlands Labour MPs. Last night 13 voted against bombing, 11 were in favour and one abstained.

Labour's Deputy Prime Minister and MP for West Bromwich East was one of those who disagreed with his leader Jeremy Corbin and voted with the Government for air strikes. Prior to the debate he'd said there were compelling reasons for bombing ISIL targets but had questioned the Prime Minister on how lasting peace could be achieved once the bombing was over.

Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Birmingham Perry Barr could not decide and in the end abstained.

Tories in the West Midlands were united in their support for the Prime Minister. Although nationally seven voted against the Government and another seven abstained. Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant took to twitter to praise the closing speech of Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn who defied Jeremy Corbin and called for Labour MPs to vote to bomb.