New inquest ordered into death of boy, aged three, who died at Stafford Hospital

A new inquest has been ordered into Credit: Family handout

When three-year-old Jonnie Meek died at the scandal-hit Stafford Hospital last year, an inquest initially decided natural causes were to blame.

But on Friday, a new inquest was ordered after his parents discovered key witnesses had not been called and medical notes contained incidents that never happened.

Watch Stacey Foster's report below.

His parents believe it was a reaction to a new milk feed which killed him, although the coroner found him to have died from natural causes.

The new independent report found that although it could not be conclusively determined that the new milk feed was the cause of Jonnie's death, it was the 'most plausible' explanation.

But it added that that Jonnie's reaction to the feed was a 'very unlikely' event which could not have been predicted by staff.

North Midlands NHS Trust said they welcome the review.