Charity organises 'survival camp' to underline refugee plight

Participants will stay in tents similar to those refugees have to use Credit: Antonio Pampliega/DPA/Press Association Images

Up to fifty participants in Shropshire will undertake a 'survival camp' this weekend to help them understand the plight of displaced refugees.

Charity Islamic Relief has organised three camps across the country, which are expected to host more than 250 people this weekend.

Participants will have to experience some of the challenges facing refugees including:

  • Walking five miles to reach the camp

  • Living on similar rations to those provided to refugees

  • Sheltering under the tents that Islamic Relief are providing to refugees across the Middle East and South Asia

It's hope more than £40,000 will be raised through sponsorship of those taking part in the Survival Camps.

The funds are needed to protect refugees and displaced people from the winter cold in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Every £165 donated is enough to provide the bare essentials for a family of five to survive the winter.

The event will be taking place at the Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire.