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Firefighters to save lives with animal oxygen masks

The new oxygen mask is tested on a dog Photo: ITV News

New life-saving oxygen masks for small animals have been trialled in Peterborough as part of a trial with charity Smokey Paws.

Lexi the husky was modelling one of the new animal oxygen masks at the appropriately named Dogsthorpe Fire Station in Peterborough.

It's actually the smoke that kills in many fires. Quick access to oxygen can be vital and campaigners say these masks will save lives.

The new oxygen mask is tested on a dog Credit: ITV News

"We use the same oxygen that we deliver to humans and instead of having a human face mask at the end we've got a dedicated conical mask and instead of having a lot of wasted oxygen that's being dissipated in the wrong place it goes straight to where it needs to go so they're getting about 90 percent oxygen rather than about ten or twenty."

The fire service will have special kits to use on animals Credit: ITV News

It's hoped as many rescue vehicles as possible will ultimately have the kit to help save small animals.

Cambridgeshire Fire Service says human lives come first but it knows how important pets can be.

Nearly half of us own pets and last year fire services nationally attended around 40,000 house fires. So it is not hard to see what a lifesaver these masks could be.