Anglo-Saxon gold from Staffordshire Hoard to go on UK-wide tour

Credit: Staffordshire Hoard

A national touring exhibition featuring treasures from the Staffordshire Hoard collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver has been announced.

The exhibition will travel the country and visit Leeds from May, followed by Bristol from October.

It is the first time UK visitors will have the opportunity to view such a large number of items from the collection outside the West Midlands where it was discovered. Some of the objects have never been on show before.

The exhibition focuses on fittings from weapons which make up the majority of the collection. These fittings were stripped from swords and seaxes (single-edged fighting knives) during the first half of the 7th century AD.

More than one million people have visited our museum and other venues across the West Midlands to wonder at and enjoy these unparalleled treasures. We are thrilled that the Staffordshire Hoard – including artefacts never before displayed – can now be seen at other locations across the country.

Cllr Terry Fellows, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Permanent displays of the treasure will still continue in Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent and at other venues in the West Midlands.