Abandoned dog left tied to lamppost with possessions in a plastic bag

A dog rescue charity is urgently looking for somebody to provide a home for a dog who was left abandoned and tied to a lamppost with her possessions in a plastic bag.

Millie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was found with another dog by a dog warden in Oxfordshire.

Her one-time companion, Levi, has since been offered a new home, but Shropshire-based dog rescue charity Finding Furever Homes said Millie has not been so lucky.

Andrea Newton, from Finding Furever Homes, said:

When she was found, Millie was in poor condition and underweight. Since then we have paid for all her food, accommodation and vet bills. While we are happy to continue to do so, what we really want is to find her the loving home she deserves.

Andrea Newton, Finding Furever Homes