Veterans commemorate Staffords' role in liberating Kuwait

Veterans and soldiers have come together to commemorate the Staffords' role in liberating Kuwait.

More than 500 attended the ceremony at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas.

The ground war began on 24th February 1991 and concluded four days later. Seven hundred soldiers from the regiment were deployed, with two killed and several others injured during the conflict.

Hundreds of veterans attended. Credit: ITV News Central
Tornado bombers (black noses) prepare for take off during the Gulf War, 1991. Credit: David Giles / PA
The Staffords' played a key role in liberating Kuwait in the Gulf War. Credit: ITV News Central
Seven hundred soldiers from the Staffordshire regiment were deployed in the Gulf War. Credit: ITV News Central

Brigadier Simon Banton, one of the few Staffords from the operation still serving in the British Army, said: "I think for many people the deployment to Saudi Arabia and into Iraq and Kuwait in 1991 was possibly the most important thing the Staffords did since World War Two.

"I think there are very few counties in England left in England that can claim they have a regiment of their own."