A British tourist missing in Peru for more than a week has been seen by alocal, a charity has said.

Harry Greaves, who is from Oswestry in Shropshire, was visiting friends in the South American country but went missing on April 7 after planning to spend the day by himself on a mountain.

His friends expected to see him back on April 10, the day after his 29thbirthday, but he did not return.

A spokesman for the Lucie Blackman Trust, which is helping the family in itssearch effort, said furniture maker Mr Greaves was spotted by a local afterApril 7.

Overnight we believe that there is a local who has sighted Harry more recently than the last sighting of him - he was heading towards Pisac.

spokesman, Lucie Blackman Trust

Asked if the sighting had been confirmed, he said:

It is as confirmed as it can be. It was a local who came forward to friends over there and said this happened.

spokesman, Lucie Blackman Trust

Concern has been growing for Mr Greaves, and his friends and family havesearching the area by land and helicopter in a bid to find him.

The Lucie Blackman Trust said it is having a meeting with the family later onTuesday and will discuss the possibility of bringing in drones.

A crowdfunding page has raised nearly £21,000 to pay for the search.

A message on the site stated:

Harry is one of the most loveliest men you could ever wish to meet and be friends with.

Message on crowdfunding page

But it stressed there is "only a small handful of dedicated rescuers" workingin the area, and they have received "no real support from any governmentorganisation, the British embassy, foreign office, Peruvian municipality andpolice forces".

Mr Greaves flew to Peru on February 20 and was visiting friends in Pisac, near Coscou.

He attended a permaculture course before heading into the jungle with a group, and sent two "happy" emails home and "seemed to be enjoying his time there", the trust said.

His family have said it is very out of character for him to go missing, andconcerns are growing for his welfare.