County Council approves smoking ban

Nottinghamshire County Council has approved plans to create a smoke free working environment for all of its employees.

It is part of the authority's commitment to promote better workplace health for the 8,826 people that work there.

Its updated Smoke Free Policy means that County Council employees will not be permitted to smoke while at work or on Council business.

Staff who currently smoke will be encouraged to leave their cigarettes at home and advice, help and support will be offered to those employees who want to give up.

The updated Smoke Free Policy reflects the Council’s commitment to theDeclaration on Tobacco Control.

It commits public and private sector organisations to take action against the harm caused by tobacco which in turn improves the health of their staff.

The County Council signed the Declaration on 1October 2014.

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak, chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Public Health Committee said: