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'Eyesore' lorry trailer in garden sparks complaints

Lorry trailer in Sheldon Credit: BPM

One householder in Sheldon has sparked fury from locals after allowing a former Marks and Spencer articulated lorry trailer to park up on its drive.

City planning bosses are now taking legal action to get the trailer removed from the property in Brays Road.

The structure has double glazed doors at the front, prompting suspicions it has been used as a living space.

Hundreds of fed-up neighbours have complained about the trailer which they say hits you like a ‘smack in the face’ when you drive or walk past.

Lorry trailer in Sheldon Credit: BPM

One neighbour said: “It is so big they blocked the road when they parked it in the dead of night. They had to rip the fence out.”

Another said: “It’s an eyesore, we’ve had to look at it there for months. It’s right on the island and drivers aren’t looking at the road when they go past.”

They said it had been there at least three months.

Cllr Paul Tilsley (Lib Dem, Sheldon) said:

“They have been hundreds of complaints from residents who have been lumbered with an absolute eyesore on their doorstep. It’s like a smack in the face when you see it.

"The councillors took it up with the city’s planning department straight away.

“We served the owner with an enforcement notice. I think he is quite frankly taking the mickey.”

– Cllr Paul Tilsley
Lorry trailer in Sheldon Credit: BPM

A council planning department spokesman said the first complaint was filed in February. “Following an investigation by a senior enforcement officer, we wrote to the householder, requesting that the unauthorised container be removed within 28 days.

“Despite an extension to the deadline being granted at the request of the householder, the container has still not been removed. The council is now considering further action, which may include serving an enforcement notice."

The owner of the trailer Iftikhar Azam, 43, from Yardley Wood, said:

“I confirm I’m the owner of the trailer. I understand the council have put an enforcement order in against me. I would rather sell it.”

– Owner of trailer
Lorry trailer in Sheldon Credit: BPM