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Paraplegic athlete banned from charity run because of motorised suit

A paralysed woman who 'walked' the London Marathon in a specially made robotic suit, has been told she cant take part in a ten kilometre race in the capital because she uses motors to help her move her legs.

Claire Lomas is determined to defy the charity run ban Credit: ITV News Central

It comes after organisers of the Vitality London event in May say its against UK Athletic rules.

Claire Lomas from Melton Mowbray was paralysed in a riding accident, and has no feeling from the chest down.

Four years ago she took part in the London Marathon to raise money for spinal injury research. It took her 17 days and she collected over half a million pounds.

She wanted to raise more money for the cause by 'walking ' the ten kilometres of the Vitality London race.

Despite being told she couldn't take part officially, Claire says she's determined to do it anyway.

"I was disappointed, and I thought about it for a while.. I'll have to start to the side of everyone else and print a map off and challenge myself," she said.

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