Record store boss gets sunburn watching TV

The owner of one of Birmingham’s most famous record shops suffers sunburn every time he watches television or uses a computer.

Dan Reddington, who used to run Reddington’s Rare Records, has electrosensivity; a condition which means his skin turns red when near electricity.

His symptoms worsen when he uses his computer or sits too close to his television.

The dad-of-two:

  • Had to leave a pub because the lights were burning his face

  • Cannot sit too close to his TV

  • Burns if he stays in a wi-fi zone too long

  • Avoids walking around electrical shops like Currys

  • Cannot use the internet on his mobile phone.

Dan Reddington Credit: BPM

The condition is not yet properly recognised by the medical profession so Dan has resorted to trying to find his own cures, which includes lining a face mask with foil.

The 75-year-old grandad, from Broadway, Worcestershire, said:

Dan Reddington Credit: BPM

Dan closed his shop in Digbeth in 2006 and now gives online advice for record fans.

He has to limit any computer or internet use to five minutes. His wife Beryl, 72, then takes over. She helps him with his radio shows for Big Centre Radio Station and with his website.