Bookies set to hand over £15m if Leicester win title

Bookies across the country are set to handover £15m if Leicester City win the Premier League title, betting company William Hill said.

Claudio Ranieri's side will become Premier League Champions on Monday evening if Tottenham Hotspur fail to beat Chelsea.

Should Spurs win all three of their remaining games, the Foxes need just two points from their final two fixtures at home to Everton on 7 May and against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 15 May - final day of the season.

William Hill, alone, will pay out £3m if Leicester clinch the title.

On Monday the betting firm revealed:

  • It will make a £2.2m loss on the Premier League – Ten times the previous worst result

  • William Hill took just 25 bets at 5000/1 – 13 were in the shops and 12 online

  • The largest bet at 5000/1 was £20 from a retail customer in Manchester

  • The bookmaking industry stands to pay out over £15m with over £10m worth of losses

  • William Hill’s biggest individual winner is a customer from Guildford in Surrey who placed £75 at 1500/1 – he will win £112,500

  • The biggest odds that have ever been paid out on before by William Hill is 2500/1 to Peter Edwards, who backed his 18 month old grandchild to play for the Wales in 1999. His grandson, Harry Wilson, made his international debut in 2013

  • One Leicester fan, Leigh Herbert, has been taunting William Hill on twitter all season. He placed £5 at 5000/1 in early August – he has since cashed out £2 (£5,680 return) and his remaining three pounds will win a further £15,000

Harry Wilson's grandfather backed him to play for Wales when he was 18 months old and won £125,000 after placing a bet with William Hill. Credit: ITV News

Leicester City's odds of winning the Premier League have been slashed from 5,000/1 pre-season to 1/20 on 25 April after Spurs drew with West Bromwich Albion.

Here is how Leicester's odds have changed through the season:

  • 5000/1 – Pre-season

  • 2500/1 - 5th September (international break after four matches two wins (Sunderland, West Ham Utd) and two draws (Bournemouth, Spurs)

  • 5000/1 – 3rd October (They beat Norwich away but a comfortable win for City over Newcastle saw them drift in the betting as City became 4/6 favourites)

  • 1000/1 – 17th October (draw against Southampton (a))

  • 750/1 – 24th October (win vs Crystal Palace (h))

  • 500/1 – 31st October (win vs WBA (a))

  • 200/1 – 7th November (win vs Watford (h))

  • 100/1 – 22nd November (day after win vs Newcastle (a))

  • 50/1 – 28th November (drew vs Manchester United (h))

  • 33/1 – 5th December (win vs Swansea (a))

  • 20/1 – 14th December (win vs Chelsea (h))

  • 12/1 – 27th December (day after loss to Liverpool (a))

  • 25/1 – 2nd January (drew with City (h) on 29th and then drew with Bournemouth (h))

  • 10/1 – 14th January (day after win over Tottenham (a))

  • 8/1 – 24th January (Leicester won on 23rd (h) to Stoke, Manchester City drew on 23rd vs West Ham Utd, Arsenal lost on 24th (h) to Chelsea)

  • 9/2 – 2nd February (win vs Liverpool (h))

  • 7/4 – 6th February (win vs Manchester City (a)) - first time they became favourites for the title

  • 6/4 – 14th February (loss vs Arsenal (a) but City lose (h) to Spurs)

  • Evens – 14th March (Manchester City draw (12th) vs Norwich (a), Spurs win (13th) (a) vs Villa, Leicester win vs Newcastle (h) (14th))

  • 8/15 – 19th March – (win vs Palace (a))

  • 1/3 – 3rd April – (win vs Southampton (h))

  • 1/6 – 10th April – (win vs Sunderland (h), Spurs win vs Manchester United (h))

  • 1/4 – 17th April – (draw vs West Ham (h))

  • 4/9 – 18th April – (Spurs win vs Stoke (a))

  • 1/6 – 24th April – (win vs Swansea (h))

  • 1/20 – 25th April – (Spurs draw vs WBA (h))