Anger after Virgin Media install cable box in front of 1,000 year-old Yardley church

A media company has sparked fury among locals after they plonked a grey cable box in the middle of a picturesque conservation area in Birmingham.

Workmen from Virgin Media installed the large grey station yards from the1,000 year old St Edburgha’s Church in the heart of Old Yardley Village.

The area was granted conservation status in 1969 and permission is required to carry out any works in order to retain its charm and character.

It has since transpired that planning consent was not needed to install thebox but Birmingham City Council is to ask Virgin to move it followingresident complaints.

Telecommunications boxes like this do not need consent under planning rules.

Birmingham City Council spokesperson
St Edburgha’s Church Credit: BPM Media

John Powell, who lives in the village, said: “It spoils the view. Itwouldn’t be so bad if it was put up against the wall. People thought it was just shocking there. I would like them to move it.”

Virgin Media is expanding its network to bring ultrafast broadband speeds to millions more homes and businesses.

Virgin Media spokesperson