Alton Towers to open UK's first 'rollercoaster restaurant'

Diner's orders will be sent down a 400m long track to whizz from the kitchen to the tables. Credit: Alton Towers Resort.

Alton Towers is opening what they are claiming to be the UK's first restaurant themed around a rollercoaster.

However, the track will not be tackled by their diners, instead the food will be put through the paces!

The resort and theme park says the restaurant will offer guests the chance to watch their orders tackle a labyrinth of turns, tornado spirals and giant 26ft drops down a 400 metre track, which spans the height of two double decker buses.

The designers claim that each dish will travel the equivalent of over six marathons each week (173 miles).

They have also released a 'food's eye view' of the track ahead of the opening later today:

Resort Executive Head Chef Dan Wilbraham said:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the buzz that’s been building around the Rollercoaster Restaurant as we gear up to open up on May 13th.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure the excitement found at the restaurant is a close match to many of its neighbouring attractions – and we can’t wait to see the reaction from visitors when they experience it for the first time!”

The attraction will open later today with guests being able to observe this 'food and drink only' rollercoaster for the first time. Credit: Alton Towers Resort