Re-enactment of famous mysterious murder taking place

Bella Wright Credit: ITV News Central

A re-enactment of the Green Bicycle murder in Leicestershire is taking place today.

The case concerned the death of 21-year-old Bella Wright, who was found shot in the head at Stoughton in 1919.

She had been cycling to her Uncle's home when she was joined en route by former soldier Ronald Light. He was the last person seen with her - riding his distinctive green bike.

She is then said to have left her uncle's home and was followed. Half-an-hour later her bloodied body was found sprawled by a gate.

Ronald Light Credit: ITV News Central

An appeal is then said to have been launched calling for information about the man on the green bicycle but nobody came forward. That was until the bike was recovered from the River Soar.

Ronald Light was then charged with Bella Wright's murder but was found not guilty after no motive was found.

Today Leicestershire's chief constable will join relatives of the victim to re-enact the scene in the hope of solving the mystery.