White Dee: 'I'm broke and might lose my house'

The star of Benefits Street says she is on the brink of 'financial meltdown'. Credit: PA

Benefits Street star White Dee has revealed she is on the verge of losing her home.

Dee, whose real name is Deirdre Kelly, has split with her management company and released a statement in which she says she has "worked a lot, learnt a lot, but not earned a lot."

News of Dee’s financial meltdown came after it was claimed that she may have banked more than a £1 million from personal appearances and TV work.

A statement was released on her behalf saying that she is "looking" at opportunities ranging from fitness DVDs to motivational speaking.

In fact she finds herself after many TV appearances, personal appearances and pilot shows both in the UK and abroad, near to losing her home and back to square one, again - through no fault of her own, and not for the want of hard work! Now under the new management of 'Team Dee', she is finding her confidence again and looking at all the many opportunities open to her. From TV work, fitness DVD opportunities and even motivational speaking.

Statement on behalf of White Dee

The reality TV celebrity found fame in the Channel 4 documentary series Benefits Street, which aired in January 2014 and followed the lives of unemployed residents living in Winson Green's James Turner Street.

After the series, she was in demand to appear on television talk shows, was flown out to host parties in Magaluf, spoke at a Tory Conference Fringe event, and in October 2014, she also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

Credit: PA

I'm lucky to have had all the life experiences the last few years have presented, I've made incredible friends and contacts who keep in touch with me, people I could only ever dream of knowing years ago!

Dee White

A statement added that she will now be focusing on keeping a roof over her head.

Dee’s former manager, Barry Tomes, has also released a statement confirming the split: "We would like to take the opportunity to wish Dee all the best for the future and hope she goes on to do even greater things.

"We firmly believe that we have given her a good platform – we may even vote for her one day if she becomes a politician."