Stan Collymore tear gassed during violence in Marseille

Collymore filmed the entire ordeal on Periscope as England fans ran from police. Credit: Stan Collymore/Periscope

Former Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest star Stan Collymore was tear gassed after England fans were caught up in violence after their 1-1 draw with Russia in their opening game of Euro 2016.

Filming via social media platform Periscope, the former-footballer-turned-pundit was seen visibly distressed by many of the scenes in the French city after the game.

Claiming he was being chased by up to 300 local youths.

Fans commented on the video, calling Collymore “brave” and “a real journalist”.

Others urged the star to stay safe and get out of harm’s way as they watched the scenes unfold.

He later tweeted that blame for the trouble did not lie solely with England fans and added: “Plain to see organised Russian/local/pan-French ultras are targeting #ENG fans too."

Fans flee from groups of locals in Marseilles. Credit: Stan Collymore/Periscope
Tear gas being used by French Police. Credit: Stan Collymore/Periscope