Peaty 'not feeling the pressure' ahead of Rio Olympics

Peaty is one of Team GB's biggest hopefuls ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio this summer. Credit: PA

World record holder Adam Peaty is champion of the world, Europe and theCommonwealth and a good bet for Olympic glory in the pool in August.

The 21-year-old swimmer from Uttoxeter says he refuses to be cowed by expectation ahead of his first Games.

Peaty told Press Association Sport: _"I'm not one of those people who see pressure as a thing. I think it's this invisible thing that people use as anexcuse."Come Rio I'm just going to give my best performance, swim those two lengths. I've been swimming for the last seven years."I know I am one of the best in the world at doing it. I think that's more ofa confidence than a setback.

"I think you've got to see it that way, otherwise the environment is going toget the best of you.

"I am going into Rio, I've never been to an Olympics before and I'm not the Olympic defending champion, so I'd say there's not really that much pressure on me.

"The only pressure I put on is myself and that's to perform a great time."

Peaty set the 100 metres breaststroke world record of 57.92 seconds in London in April 2015 in qualifying for the World Championships in Kazan, which he won.

He is the only man to have ever dipped beneath 58secs in the event.

After a successful defence of his European title, clocking 58.36s despite being in hard training through the London event, Peaty looked ahead to executing the perfect race to go quicker than ever in Rio.

"I've had this exact time in there (mind) since I broke that world record,"he said.

"I've never, ever said it to anybody else, except my coach (Mel Marshall), sowe'll keep it that way for a bit.

"We have this time and it's not an unrealistic time. It's one of those timeswhere we've said 'if we swim the perfect race, we can achieve this'.

"It's going to take the perfect race to do that. I'm at that level of maturity now where I've got the composure, I've got the fitness and I've got the strengthto do that.

"And the courage, because the Olympic Games you need that courage, you can't whimper out on the occasion.

"It's looking good and hopefully that time will be achievable come Rio."