Midlands moggys in running for 'Cat of The Year' prize

Three miracle cats from the Midlands have been shortlisted for the 'Cat of the Year 2016' prize.

They include Houdini from Stoke who has been praised by his family for being a source of comfort in the life of 10-year-old Harri Cossburn, who suffers from autism.

Mum Kielo said: "Houdini seems to know when Harri’s had a bad day at school, or when everything is getting too much for him, and will sit with him. The sound of his purr and the smell of his fur have a huge calming effect on Harri. We call Houdini a therapy cat as he has helped Harri so much."

Other phenomenal felines shortlisted for the prize include Prince Smokey from Lichfield who detected his owner's illness and prevented a potentially life threatening heart attack after his concern prompted her to visit a GP.

Heroic Tink from Shrewsbury is also in the running for the prize after saving her family from a potentially fatal house fire.

The awards, organised by animal welfare charity Cats Protection, celebrate extraordinary tales of survival, companionship and bravery in the feline world.

The winner will be unveiled at a glitzy ceremony in London in August.