Mum loses baby then finds she is still pregnant with undetected twin

Sadie Brittle, her husband Gary and their daughter Summer Credit: Good Morning Britain

A mother left heartbroken after losing her unborn baby in an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the baby is found to be growing out side of the womb, was told just a couple of months later that she was still pregnant, with a previously undetected twin.

Sadie Brittle from Tamworth noticed her stomach was getting bigger.

She went back to her GP, who sent her for a scan. This revealed that a second embryo was developing in her uterus, in an extremely rare heterotopic pregnancy, where one embryo is outside the uterus and another is within.

Sadie has now just had her 20 week scan and she and husband Gary are expecting a little brother for their four-year-old, Summer.

She has just had her 20 week scan Credit: Good Morning Britain