Creator of petition for EU vote re-run is a leave backer from Telford

The man behind a hugely popular petition calling for a fresh vote on the EU Referendum is actually a Brexit activist from Telford who says the page has been "hijacked" by Remain supporters.

Oliver Healey's petition to re-run the closely contested vote has gained more than three million backers - but he says that he now fiercely opposes any attempt to undermine the result.

He said the petition was set up weeks ago when polls suggested that the Leave campaign would be defeated, but has since taken on a life of its own.

This petition was created at a time (over a month ago) when it was looking unlikely that 'leave' were going to win, with the intention of making it harder for 'remain' to further shackle us to the EU.

Millions of Remain backers have signed up in the hope of triggering a fresh vote. Credit: .

The petition argued that new rules should be brought in which would only allow the referendum to pass if it won 60% of support with a turnout of 75% - results Mr Healey said he believed would be "next to impossible" for any campaign to achieve.

Mr Healey said that his rush to set up the petition could be seen as "premature" and that his apparent links to leave may "look bad".

He added that he is "genuinely appalled" of the losing Remain campaigners after their loss and they should respect the result of the poll.

The referendum was fairly funded; democratically endorsed, every vote was weighted equally and I believe this was a true reflection of the mood of the country.