Seven-year-old facing surgery after contracting Meningitis just weeks after family wedding

Credit: BPM Media

A schoolgirl from Birmingham was left fighting for her life less than a fortnight after a happy day as a bridesmaid for her parents wedding.

Brogan-Lei's symptoms started to show up whilst the family were on holiday in Cornwall.

Her parents, Aimee and Craig have allowed the pictures of their 7-year-old in Birmingham Children's Hospital to be released to the media.

Brogan-Lei receiving treatment in Birmingham Children's Hospital. Credit: BPM Media

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Brogan-Lei went down with a suspected eye infection after her parents’ wedding which took place in the Malvern Hills at the end of June.

She was given antibiotics for this but was rushed to hospital after the family returned from holiday and her mum noticed a rash on her daughter’s skin.

In hospital she was diagnosed with Meningitis B and faced losing her foot completely.

The classic rash associated with meningitis can spread quickly. Credit: BPM Media

The 7-year-old from Bartley Green is now responding to treatment but may have to have surgery to remove some of her toes and several skin grafts.

Her parents say in a week, their outlook on life has "totally changed" with their daughter's illness highlighting "what’s important" to their family.

“Me and Craig just want to remind everyone how overwhelmed and grateful we are for all the help and offers we’ve received from people near and far.”

At the moment only newborns receive the vaccine. Credit: PA Images

A petition demanding all children be vaccinated against the strain rather has generated more than 800,000 signatures this year.

Her parents are now hoping to raise awareness for the disease and its symptoms which can appear in any order and can be hard to spot.

“A lot of people are unaware of the dangers because the infection disguises itself in among common bugs.”

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