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'Soiled clothing' found in Amazon order

The parcel which was supposed to be a train set actually contained what appeared to be soiled clothing Photo: Sarah Corby

A grandmother from Leicestershire says she was shocked to find "soiled clothing" in a parcel she had ordered from the website Amazon.

Sarah Corby from Stoney Stanton had ordered a train set for her two-year-old grandson's birthday but inside the box it arrived in was an outfit that appeared to be stained.

Felix Brown (2) playing with his train set. Credit: Family photo

Mrs Corby said: "I ordered it in June, it had been sitting in the house for two weeks before Felix's birthday party. Because he had so many presents we didn't open it straight away."

I washed my hands. I didn't smell it. It was disgusting."

– Sarah Corby

The box was finally opened, with Felix, and Mrs Corby was shocked to discover some fabric in the packaging instead of the train set. She said: "I discovered what I thought was a fancy dress costume. But then on closer inspection there were some brown soiled cotton wool pads - I screamed!" She said that she took one photograph to send to Amazon before putting the box in a plastic bag and leaving it outside.

Mrs Corby said: "I washed my hands and just made sure Felix kept away. I washed my hands. I didn't smell it. It was disgusting. I didn't want to investigate it any further, I just wanted it out of the house."

Sarah Corby with her grandson Felix (2) Credit: Family photo

Mrs Corby says she has complained more than once to the company who have so far failed to return her calls and emails: "It shouldn't have happened, even if it's not what we all think it is. I was glad I opened it. I'm just relieved Felix wasn't old enough to open it himself. It's terrible they've not got back to me. My daughter, Felix's mum, sent a number of message on social media but so far the matter hasn't been resolved."

Amazon told ITV News Central they are investigating the complaint.