'Thousands' at risk due to shortage of specialist physiotherapists, charity warns

Muscular Dystrophy UK warns of a shortage of specialist physiotherapists Credit: PA wire

The East Midlands is failing to invest in expert physiotherapy care putting the lives of those with serious muscle-wasting conditions at risk, a charity has warned.

Muscular Dystrophy UK warns thousands of children in the region are being failed due to under-resourced services.

The charity highlights the importance of physiotherapy in the treatment of patients with muscle-wasting conditions arguing that it can help to keep children mobile for longer, reduce pain and even avoid premature deaths.

In a new report being launched today in Parliament, the charity warns leaders of provision in the East Midlands are failing to provide adequate access to care.

Nationally almost two thirds of people with muscle-wasting conditions are unable to access appropriate physiotherapy with one in five patients resorting to paying up to £6,000 a year for private care.

The charity is calling on hospitals in the region to ensure they have a specialist respiratory physiotherapist to deal with neuromuscular conditions and provide adequate physiotherapy for adults and children in the region.

In a statement NHS England said: