Animal rights group condemn plans for rabbit breeding farm

Rabbit stock image Credit: Patrick Seeger / DPA/PA Images

Animal rights campaigners in Staffordshire have strongly condemned plans to build a rabbit breeding farm.

A planning application for the site in Gnosall have been submitted to Stafford Borough Council for consideration.

Romanian food wholesaler POE Limited want to breed rabbits for the purpose of selling their meat, skin and byproducts to an international market.

The firm have outlined their ambitions in a detailed business plan. They say the national demand for rabbit meat is steadily increasing and cite the rate in which rabbits multiply as a factor behind its wishes to tap into what they describe as a lucrative market.

In a business plan submitted to the council, POE, who are based in Rugely say: " The market opportunity for rabbit and rabbit products is immense both locally and internationally."

"Our Company will have the option of slaughtering the rabbits in abattoir and selling the meat and the skin."

The proposals have sparked outrage from animal rights protesters who've launched a petition to block the plans from going ahead.

Animal rights movement Peta have warned the site could pave the way for illegal fur farming activities and have condemned proposed conditions for the animal site.

Others have contacted the council directly to complain about the proposals.

One user said: “This is a disgusting proposal and believe the intended purpose would be a stain on the country and surrounding areas. Farming rabbits is entirely unethical immoral with welfare of the animals overlooked. Something like this happening on our doorstep is sickening and attracts such a negative publicity to the area.”