Hero feline Tink wins 'Cat of the Year award'

Quick-thinking Tink jumped on his owner Claire in the middle of the night to alert her of a fire. Credit: Cats Protection

'Tink' the tortoise-shell from Shrewsbury has claimed the 'Cat of the Year' award after saving her owners from a fire.

As Claire and Russell Hopkinson and their sons Jake and Scott were sleeping one night, they had no idea of the disaster that was unfolding around them.

An electrical fault in a neighbouring property had sparked a fire which was about to engulf their home.

But thanks to quick-thinking puss Tink, who raised the alarm by jumping on top of Claire, the family awoke and were able to escape.

After heroically waking the family, Tink herself panicked and hid in an upstairs bedroom until a firefighter was able to retrieve her.

Daughter Lesley, who lives nearby, said:

“One of the firemen went back in and brought Tink out but, by that point, she was unconscious and limp.

The firefighters were incredible and one put an oxygen mask on her and she came round. She was utterly selfless and without her, I could have lost my family in that fire.”