Leicester bid for Olympics homecoming parade

Leicester wants to be the city to host the homecoming for Team GB after Rio. Credit: PA

Leicester has shown interest in hosting the victory parade for Team GB's Olympians and Paralympians returning from Rio.

However, a battle has erupted over which city will host the celebrations.

Key political figures from Manchester, Leeds and Leicester have made their case for hosting a parade to commemorate the country's most successful away games ever.

Previously, Britain's Olympians and Paralympians have paraded through thestreets of London after the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Games.

But concerns were raised that hosting the festivities in London again would not reflect that athletes from across Great Britain contributed to the Olympicheroics.

Jubilant scenes back in may when Leicester City made their victorious bus parade after winning the Premier League. Credit: PA

A Leicester city council spokeswoman said:

"As we showed in May, when 250,000 people turned out to enjoy Leicester City's title success, we certainly know how to throw a party.

"Leicester's location at the heart of the country makes it perfect for a national celebration, so if a venue is being sought for Team GB's homecoming parade, we'd be happy to provide it."