It's been revealed that more than 200 drivers have been caught each day by each of the new average speed cameras in Birmingham.

The eight sites were activated in August - and in the days until September 16 the cameras caught 7,915 people driving too quickly.


Number of penalty points issued to offending drivers


Number of drivers caught driving too quickly

If all received the minimum £100 fine, then already almost £800,000 will be received by the authorities, with at least 23,745 penalty points issued to offending drivers.

Some drivers may have been caught multiple times - unaware that the cameras have now been switched on.

Those who exceed the limit will have to attend a speed awareness course where they will be educated about the dangers of speeding or face either an appearance at court or a fine and points on their licence.

You can find out the location of the new speed cameras below:

  • A38 Bristol Road between Priory Road and Speedwell Road – 30mph

  • A456 Hagley Road between Portland Road and Lordswood Road – 30mph

  • A4540 New John Street between Lucas Circus and Hospital Street – 30mph

  • A34 Newtown Row Northbound between New John Street West and Newbury Road – 30mph

  • A45 Coventry Road between Berkley Road and Rowland Road/Steyning Road – 40mph

  • B425 Lode Lane (between Henley Crescent and Moat Lane) – 30mph

  • B4114 Bradford Road / Chester road (in the vicinity of the junction) – 30mph

  • A3400 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath – 30mph