Hope in six year battle to reunite mother and daughter

13-year-old Miriam was take to Egypt six years ago. Credit: BPM Media

There is fresh hope for the mother of a 13-year-old girl who was taken to Egypt six years ago, as a legal application is now being made to bring the girl back to the UK.

Mum of five, Gillian Soliman says she has watched on helplessly as her children were lost in Egypt’s legal system. She says her daughter, Mariam is suicidal.

Ex-husband Hatem was jailed in this country for taking the child in 2010, but Gillian has struggled to bring the teenager back due to the country’s red tape regulations.

The 57-year-old from Birmingham is devastated:

Gillian alleges it is the second time her daughter has been taken from her. The then three-year-old was grabbed while the family were living in Egypt. It was five years before they were reunited.

Gillian Soliman has been fighting to bring her daughter back to the UK for six years. Credit: BPM Media

Gillian has now gained support from MP Jack Dromey and Sean Felton, head of Abducted Angels, who is behind the legal application. Abducted Angels is an organisation dedicated reuniting parents with abducted children.

The MP, who has held talks with the Egyptian ambassador in London and the Foreign Office, says failure to act with urgency "is unacceptable and would damage the reputation of Egypt":

According to figures from the Foreign Office, 213 abduction cases were reported in 2011, and the problem has escalated since then.