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Peaty put through his paces at police headquarters

Olympic gold medallist Adam Peaty was put through his paces during a visit to Leicestershire Police headquarters this week.

The British swimmer who won a gold and silver medal in Rio, his coach and members of his team took part in police fitness tests.

Not his usual uniform! Adam Peaty dressed in police gear. Credit: Leicestershire Police

They included the formidable ‘bleep’ test, which involves running up and down a 15 metre track in time with a series of audio bleeps.

As well as a push and pull exercise which is designed to test upper body strength.

The group, who were visiting as part of a team building exercise, also took part in public order training dressed in protective uniform.

The day has been great. We’ve learnt how to work as a team effectively and efficiently and that’s really important. In swimming it’s really important to work as a team – if you don’t you put yourself at risk, not at the same risk as police officers face but at risk of not swimming at your best.

– Adam Peaty
Adam Peaty in his home town of Uttoxeter at the weekend. Credit: ITV News Central

Sergeant Mel Thomas was responsible for putting the team through their paces for the day.

He said: “I’ve trained hundreds of officers during my career but spending the day training an Olympic athlete is a first."

Adam and his coach also talked to officers, staff and volunteers about the teams successes, challenges and the importance of working together.