Woman gives birth early after being terrified by 'killer clown'

The clown craze started in America

A woman in Leicestershire was forced into labour early after a boy dressed up as a 'killer clown' jumped out in front of her.

The teenager jumped out in front of the mother in Whitwick, Leicestershire, startling her. According to a friend on Facebook the scare caused the woman to give birth early.

The post read: ‘Thanks for the concern about my friend. She was eight months pregnant and had a stupid 17-year-old kid jump out on her dressed as a clown.

‘The baby came early but mother and baby are doing good. Please please think, old people and pregnant ladies aren’t the best to scare. It’s a nonsense craze that needs stopping.’

The post has been shared hundreds of times and has led to calls for the teenager to be arrested.

Rachel Marie wrote: "If this would happen to me the person who jumped out needs prosecuting! I'm 38 weeks pregnant and petrified of clowns I think I'd die on the spot."

The ‘killer crown’ craze is said to have been inspired by frightening pranks involving knives in the US.

Police are warning potential offenders they may be committing a public order offence as various reports emerge across the UK.