How to protect yourself against cybercrime

The government is warning people in the West Midlands to rethink their online passwords to protect against cybercrime.

The National Cyber Security Centre say having a strong password is one of the most important actions people can take to protect themselves.

According to the Office of National Statistics an estimated 2 million cybercrime offences were committed last year.

A weak password can allow hackers to use email to gain access to personal accounts, leaving people vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

Advice on creating a strong password:

  • Make a strong password using three random words

  • Most important accounts are email, social media and online banking

  • Use a different password for each of your important accounts

  • Re-using passwords is risky

  • Use a mix of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters

  • Select a random word or phrase and insert letters and numbers

  • Make sure to regularly update your recovery email address

Credit: PA Images

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