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1200 children to wake up homeless this Christmas, report warns

The number of families living in temporary accommodation has risen by 18% in one year. Credit: PA Images

More than 1,200 children in the East Midlands face spending Christmas homeless or in temporary accommodation, a housing charity has warned.

Shelter stated in a report that this was the highest level recorded since 2009 after analysis of government figures.

Across the country it has been revealed that the number of families living in emergency B&B and hostel rooms has risen by 18% in one year. According to the charity, one new family in Britain becomes homeless every 10 minutes.

Some children are experiencing anxiety after being made homeless or living in temporary accommodation. Credit: PA Images

The report included accounts of families having to live in a single room and share a bed, and use unsanitary shared toilet and bathroom facilities. There were also descriptions of being exposed to drug abuse and violence, with strangers sleeping in corridors.

The investigation also revealed the emotional and mental turmoil of living in these circumstances, with accounts of children becoming anxious, isolated from their friends and struggling to sleep.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said:

News of the devastating rise in homeless children in the East Midlands will bring heartache to thousands of people in the region.

Almost daily we hear from parents desperate to escape the single cramped room of a B&B or hostel that they find themselves struggling to raise their children in.

– Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter