Coventry man celebrates £205,000 win from a 25p bet

The win came after he chanced an 11-fold football accumulator in a local bookmakers. Credit: PA

A man from Coventry celebrated this weekend after pocketing a significant £205,000 – from a 25p bet.The win came after he chanced his hand at an 11-fold football accumulator in the Paddy Power book makers in the city.The winning bet had odds of 820,728/1 and the bookmaker believes the win is the biggest on record from such a small stake – helping secure the winner a place in the firms Hall of Fame.

It's thought the winner wasn’t without some good luck as four teams he backed had to come from behind to win. They were France, Plymouth, Cambridge United and Port Vale.The latter managed to get the winner against Fleetwood Town in the 86th minute.

A third goal in the Czech Republic v Norway game only came in the 87th minute, while Armenia had to come back from 2-0 down at half-time and it wasn’t until the clock ticked past 90 minutes that they won against Montenegro.A spokesman for the bookmakers said:

“Talk about kicking a man when he’s down – it had already been a tough week in HQ after we had our pants pulled down by paying out on Donald Trump, and then this fella rubbed salt in the wounds by landing this miracle-punt. I’ve no idea where Armenia is but hopefully this lucky fella will spend some of his winnings on a flight to thank them in person!”

A spokesman for the bookmakers.

The full bet and results:

  • Armenia to beat Montenegro and over 2.5 goals (6/1) 3-2

  • France to beat Sweden and over 2.5 goals (10/11) 2-1

  • Czech Republic to beat Norway and over 2.5 goals (23/10) 2-1

  • Northern Ireland to beat Azerbaijan and over 2.5 goals (23/10) 4-0

  • Denmark to beat Kazakhstan and over 2.5 goals (10/11) 4-1

  • Millwall to beat Bristol Rovers and over 2.5 goals (2/1) 4-0

  • Port Vale to beat Fleetwood Town and over 2.5 goals (7/2) 2-1

  • Blackpool to beat Notts County and over 2.5 goals (2/1) 4-0

  • Leyton Orient to beat Colchester and over 2.5 goals (7/2) 3-0

  • Cambridge United to beat Crawley and over 2.5 goals (7/2) 3-1

  • Plymouth to beat Crewe and over 2.5 goals (13/50) 2-1