Hospital beds from Leicestershire donated to help civilians fighting in Syria

Credit: Leics Part NHS

Redundant hospital beds donated by the Leicestershire Partnership NHSTrust which are to be sent to help civilians fighting in Aleppo.

The donations will help those wounded or needing medical treatment as a result of the ongoing conflict.

Volunteers from the National Police Aid Convoy will be sending tenbeds and other equipment from their depot in Mansfield out to Syria.

Bandages, dressing, drip stands, stretchers, soap, towels, hygiene kits, antiseptic liquids & wipes, hospital gowns and surgical gloves will be sent.

Ten beds from Leicester General Hospital have been donated. Credit: ITV News Central / Philip Brewster

After collecting medical supplies in the East Midlands the truck will leave the​Port of Felixstowe.

The supplies will be put in a container for the long journey across the Mediterranean in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

It could take up to five days for the container to arrive in Mercin in Turkey.

It will then be carried by road to Bab Al Hawa on the Turkey-Syria border and then finally on to Aleppo.

Swathes of east Aleppo have been seized by government troop. Credit: PA Images

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