Mystery notes left on slimming products in supermarket

An anonymous writer has been leaving a number of messages on slimming products Credit: BPM

Shoppers at a Tesco store in Coventry have been left surprised by a series of notes which have been stuck onto slimming products.

The mystery notes have sprung up in recent weeks on ‘Slim Fast’ and Tesco’s own ‘Ultra Slim’ shake brands, which are designed as “meal replacements” to help people trying to lose weight.

The anonymous writer used masking tape to fasten the messages to the lids of the products which read - “You don’t need these chemicals” and “STOP counting calories! YOU LOOK GREAT”.

Another note read - “Is there not more to life than being slim”.

It is not known who is behind the notes which have left shoppers and staff at the Cannon Park store somewhat surprised.