Ralph Clarke victim tells of relief at conviction

One victim of Ralph Clarke said the 101-year-old deserves to die behind bars and "rot in hell" for his crimes.As Clarke was spending his first hours in custody following his convictions,all three of his victims, now aged in their 40s and 50s, expressed relief thathe had finally been brought to justice.Speaking anonymously, the older of Clarke's two female victimssaid:

"He has damaged so many lives in such a massive way and he has no remorse. He's evil and he deserves to be in prison - he deserves to die in prison, he deserves to rot in hell for what he put me through, let alone the others. I think we can all say that. It was the first guilty' that was the huge one - that first one meant we were believed. We already knew he had admitted to some charges so to have guilty on the rest was vital for some closure, we will never get full closure - it's something we have always got to live with - but it was a huge step towards some closure."


The younger of the female victims said:

"You are never ever going to feel like you have got justice when you have been abused, I don't think. It makes me angry that he knew right from the beginning we were telling the truth. The guy can't even say sorry and it makes me so angry that he has got no truth. The guy can't even say sorry and it makes me so angry that he has got no remorse, no regret."


Asked about the jail sentence facing her abuser, the younger victim, whothanked police and court staff for their "amazing"support, said she believedthat people like Clarke should never be released from prison.She also expressed frustration that some people claimed abuse victims sometimes became abusers themselves.

"A lot of people say abused people become abusers. I just want to say that's so wrong - we don't. We're good people that bring up our children in a good way, that saying is so wrong.


Meanwhile, the male victim told how he had felt shame and guilt despite knowing he had done nothing wrong.Explaining his reason for speaking to the media, the male complainant in the case added: "If it helps one other person come forward that's the main thing - not just in this, but in any case."