Almost one in five children in Staffordshire has been a victim of cyber-bullying and 40% of children know someone who has been bullied online, according to a police survey.

More than one in ten children said that they had shared personal information online or on social media with someone they didn’t know and 6% said they had done so more than once.

The survey was completed by 880 children online.


Percentage of Staffordshire children who know someone who has been a victim of cyber bullying


Percentage of children in Staffordshire who admit to having been bullied online

More than three quarters of those asked said they know cyber bullying is a crime, but just 4% said they would report it to the police.

This means that the numbers shown in official crime figures could be far lower than the actual number of incidents.

Staffordshire Police have put together information on cyber-bullying and how to protect yourself. Find out more information here.