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New Year birthday celebrations for one of Britain's oldest women

Nell Jinks with all her family and lots of cards from the Queen Photo: PA Images

When Nell Jinks was born in 1910 George V had just been crowned king, the suffragettes were fighting for the vote and the doomed Titanic was under construction.

The eldest of 13 children she puts her longevity down to daily cod liver oil. She grew up in Summer lane in back to back housing with outside toilets.

107 year old Nell Jinks Credit: BPM Media

Her only surviving child Bernard, who's 80 says:

“She was the eldest of 13 children so she used to be responsible for looking after the younger kids and she used to come home from work at lunchtime and go to the fish and chip shop to get scraps to feed the kids."

Nell married her husband, also called Bernard, at St Chad’s Cathedral, when she was 21 and they had two children. Bernard has memories of his mother trying to make a living.

He said: “She worked as a french polisher. I used to go and buy all the ingredients from shops in Newtown and she used to mix them up.”

His father died in 1980 aged 70. Nell then lived with her sister, Elsie, for 20 years, before moving to the Lucton House care home in Bournville.

“All the staff at Lucton House have shown her love and care.”

She has now had several birthday cards from the Queen since reaching the age of 100.