Man jailed for 16 months after lying to get a council house

A man from Moseley in Birmingham has been sentenced to 16 months in jail after lying to get a council house.

Mr Mbarak Abdallah, 37, of Chinn Brook Road pleaded guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 8 December 2016 to two fraud offences.

The first was for falsely completing a homeless application and then a second housing application which resulted in him getting a council house.

Birmingham city council’s fraud team investigated after a tip off and found Mr Abdallah was in fact the owner of the property, which he had claimed he was being evicted from.

He has also privately rented the property while he and his family were living at the council property.

At a time when we have thousands of genuinely homeless families in Birmingham, in dire need of a council house, Abdallah decided to exploit the system for his own financial gain. Today’s sentencing sends out a clear message – we take tenancy fraud allegations seriously and we will prosecute.

Cllr Peter Griffiths, Birmingham City Council